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Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Looking for exceptional talent? Do you know SYMBIOS can help? Take a moment to read on.. Back in 2006, I started a journey with Nintendo working along side the Digital Marketing Manager - to date, winning & retaining Nintendo is one of my very favourite proud success stories! It's an opportunity to work with some of the industries greatest talents, & engage with an inspiring digital leader, a breeze to deal with on every single campaign. Yes, no doubt such a huge global brand, Nintendo, faced many challenges such as Global restrictions, tight strict deadlines, partnership issues, technology glitches and the list goes on. That said, from brainstorming meetings to 1:1 fun campaign negotiations, our combined resilient attitude along with our extensive expertise, we always managed to keep the wheels in motion! Behind the scenes, the digital team never failed to go over & beyond expectations with the leading direction of Kalum, who kept us all in line with his inspiring attitude & creative solutions. Kalum spent 23 years @ Nintendo & the results achieved in the Digital Marketing space are a true testament to his outstanding vision, digital skills & on ground knowledge.

Kalum hired Symbios to assist in finding the next challenge & ideal culture fit. Contact me to discuss.

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