Appointment Setting

In addition to generating a lead, we can set client appointments directly in your Calendar, e-mail potential clients a profile document, and discuss an e-mail handling process.

Lead Generation and Outbound Sales

Symbios specialises in Lead Generation and Outbound Sales for product or services, with a focus on Business-to-Business sales. Our proven training programs ensure our agents are highly skilled at identifying decision makers and getting past gatekeepers.


We provide services for both contract and non-contract sales, and are able to use Voice Authorisation, Electronic Documents or Signatures or manual processes to close your sales. Quality assurance and third-party verification is always available, either outsourced within our Centre or on the client side.


We provide both live and warm transfers and are able to have staff work directly with your Sales or Business Development teams in Australia, with staff available locally to train your team members in Outsourcing Management.


Leads and sales can be fed directly into your CRM, uploaded onto secure FTP servers, communicated manually via e-mail, directed to an e-commerce enabled website or into any other data management process you require.

Inbound Sales​

We provide Inbound Sales activities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any type of sale. We take orders, provide order management, sales qualification and can close sales directly or provide live or warm transfers to your Business Development or Sales teams.


Whether your customers call in after seeing your website, TV ad, online or through referral, we collect customer data in databases and qualify your sales.


Customer Service​

Symbios can become the first point of contact for your company for Customer Service. We handle Customer requests directly in your CRM, and handle data confidentially.


Simply provide us with a training manual about your products or services, and a Customer Service Script on how you’d like us to handle your calls. We can escalate calls directly to your office.

Win-Back Campaigns 

We are able to make outbound sales calls to customers who have left your service to attempt to win them back. We work directly within your CRM and will assess reasons why they have left your service, how you can win them back, and bring your revenue back in the door.

Account Management and Debt Collection​

We can become an extension of your team and call your existing customer databases to ensure customer retention, cross selling and upselling, lowering your churn and run customer satisfaction surveys.

Symbios are experts at Debt Collection and ensuring that customers that are behind in their payments are brought up to date. We segment debt collection calls based on overdue status and make outbound calls to continuously follow up until debts have been settled.