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Welcome Channel IP!

We are now just over half-way, hopefully, into the Victorian Government’s Stage 3 (6-week) Restrictions governing Melbourne and Mitchell Shire, that became applicable on 8 July 2020.

At SYMBIOS, our survival tips over the last 8 weeks have helped us tremendously and whilst 89% are of the view this lockdown will be extended (until end of the year), at SYMBIOS we are adapting, collaborating and accommodating to work from home.

That said, it’s incredibly important to continue sending the right message & if you have symptoms please get tested and stay home.

At the moment, some National businesses are thriving & when businesses thrive, Symbios thrives!!

We are experiencing great positive & powerful growth across the SYMBIOS business this year so far and we’re here to help!

This month we would like to welcome Channel IP,; our newest client onboard!

Are you looking to take advantage of over 20 years experience in the print management industry & would like to make a significant impact on the way you treat business support services? How you engage with your partners and suppliers?

Reach out to us or leave a comment below to start a conversation.









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